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Radical visions and discarded lies – Jayadvaita Swami

Radical visions and discarded lies Jayadvaita Swami September 11 will mark the fifth anniversary of the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Nine days after the attacks, President George W. Bush, speaking to a joint session of Congress, said this about the attackers: We are not deceived by their pretenses to piety. We […]

�G u r u m u k h a p a d m a v a k y a”

�G u r u m u k h a p a d m a v a k y a” Nothing can prevent us from hearing, chanting and association ��…..Nectarean Mellows Tomorrow never comes. The present moment is the only reality. Now is the time for God consciousness. It doesn�t mean becoming a devotee. It means, […]

Don’t be a Victim

By properly using your intelligence, you can escape from the forces of illusion and the dangers of repeated birth and death. by Pusta Krishna Swami Each day thousands of human beings are born, and each day thousands die. In fact, this material world has been described as a vast ocean of birth and death. Anyone […]