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Vaikunta Ekadassi

The Vedic literatures describe that as one moves towards the higher planetary systems of this universe, time dilates, in the sense that the time span increases. One day on earth is many years on the lower planetary systems. Similarly, one year of earth is equal to a single day (and night) of heavenly planets. Time further dilates as one moves higher up towards more advanced planetary systems.

A Chaturyuga is made of four ‘sub-yugas’. Kaliyuga, the present age of quarrel and mismanagement, lasts 432,000 years, of which 5225 years have passed. The previous yuga, Dvaparayuga, when Lord Krsna appeared on earth, lasts twice as much, or 864,000 years. The yuga previous to it, Tretayuga, lasts three times as much as kaliyuga, and the earliest yuga, Satyayuga, lasts four times as much. Totally, one Chaturyuga lasts 4,320,000 years. A thousand such Chaturyugas make just one day of Brahma, the topmost living entity in this universe, who resides on the most glorious planet in this universe- Brahmaloka. And his night is as long. His year is again, 365 days, and he lives for a full hundred years. That is the life span of this universe (4,320,000x1000x2x365x100 years as per our calculation).

As said before, one year on earth is equal to one day (and night) on heavenly planets, the planet of the demigods. Every morning, Lord Vishnu arrives at the entrance of the Vaikuntha Planets, which are situated beyond this material universe, and gives ‘darshan’ to all demigods who come there to see Him everyday. ‘Everyday’ for the demigods means ‘every year’ to us. And the day of the demigods begins at the time of Vaikuntha Ekadashi on earth. Therefore, having a glimpse of the Lord on this day is considered most auspicious. One must visit nearby Krishna temple on this day to have a glimpse of the Lord.

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