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Open the Honey Jar and Dive In.

Why suffer for another minute in this material existence when we can instead deeply dive into that sweet ocean of unlimited nectar which is there in the holy names of Krishna? It does not make any sense to go on foolishly punishing ourselves denying ourselves the supreme happiness, which is our constitutional birthright. The process of meditating on Lord Sri Krishna's holy names is so sublime that we can fully absorb ourselves in perfect Krishna consciousness in all times, places, and circumstances. In other words we can relish the peace of non-stop samadhi, ecstatic trance which goes on increasing unlimitedly forever. We must always remember that to do so we require to enter fully into the mood of devotion to Krishna.  If we want to remain non-devoted and simply analyze the ecstatic trance of the pure devotees, we will be futilely trying to taste the honey while licking the outside of the bottle.  Therefore we must sure to open the honey jar and dive into pure devotional service.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari

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