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Guru Maharaja in Los Angeles

Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances.
Jay Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Guru Maharaja arrived in Los Angeles, USA, on 3rd December. He is attending
the package treatment in High Hopes Clinic here, different kinds of
therapies like walking, lokomat machine, arm machine, coordination exercises
(balancing the left and right part of the body), exercises for the movements
of hand, occupational therapy, to name some of them. The therapists and
doctors are quite positive about Guru Maharaja's recovery. They have 32
years of experience curing the stroke and paralized patients, and they have
a high procentage of patients getting completely or partialy cured after the
treatments. This is the main therapy that Guru Maharaja attends during his
stay in LA, from Monday to Thursday. During the week end he visits other
doctors. He saw the director of neurology at UCLA, chiropractic therapist
additionaly, and he has to do some exercises as his homework as well. He
practices walking and standing by himself more then ever before, since
doctors encourage him to use the wheel chair only if nessecery. There are
visible improvements on the muscles of his face as well as his standing up
and sitting down, he was able to stand up from the chair on his own at UCLA.
Guru Maharaja went through a couple of health checkups by highly
professional doctors. Premacaru Prabhu is going to send a report on that.

Guru Maharaja stays at the ISKCON LA temple appartment with his secretaries
and servants. Every night he gives a short class in the appartment that has
been broadcasted. He goes to sleep at 9pm, since he has to wake up early for
the hospital. There are not too many disciples here, which is good in the
sense of making Guru Maharaja's timings and schedule easier to manage.

Before coming to LA Guru Maharaja had spent one and half week in Chennai
where he was attending the lokomat machine treatment that is available
there. Devotees from Chennai had rented the big house for Guru Maharaja and
his secretaries and servants. There were a lot of his disciples helping and
attending the evening classes.

On 23rd November from Chennai Guru Maharaja started his journey to LA
through Pacific that took him 11 days. On the way he stopped in Sri Lanka,
Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Honolulu. Doctors recommend that he should break
his long journeys in shorter ones and to make few days pauses on the way.

Your servant,

Teja Gaurangi devi dasi

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