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Putrada Ekadasii (Vaikunta Ekadassi) on December 28, 2009, MONDAY

Download now or preview on posterous 22-PUTRADA EKADASI.pdf (3030 KB) Ekadasi: December 28, 2009, MONDAY    Breakfast Time 29-12-09 07.13 to 09.22am   Find the attached Malayalam version  Observing Fasting on Ekadasi Sri Ekadasi (Extracts from the Ekadasi Mähätmya)   Ekadasi first appeared from the body of Lord Vishnu during the wanning moon in the month […]

The glories of Bhagavad-gita

The glories of Bhagavad-gita This is a great story The glories of Bhagavad-gita – from Gita-Mahatmya of Padma Purana This Bhagavad-gita is the destroyer of all sins. And that intelligent man who daily recites one chapter or even one sloka, one half sloka, or at least one quarter sloka, will attain the same position as […]

Quotes on book distribution

Quotes on book distribution …distribution of literature is our real preaching. …the success of your preaching will be substantiated by how many books are sold. >>> Ref. VedaBase => Letter to: Bali-mardana — Los Angeles 30 September,1972 Now you distribute these books by millions all over the world, then everyone will see how wonderful is […]

Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 12, Verse 2

Chapter 12: Devotional Service Verse: 2sri-bhagavan uvaca mayy avesya mano ye mam nitya-yukta upasate sraddhaya parayopetas te me yuktatama matah Translation: The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Those who fix their minds on My personal form and are always engaged in worshiping Me with great and transcendental faith are considered by Me to be most […]

Saranagati (Surrender)

By Advaita Acarya Dasa People in general are misguided. They want to lord it over the environment by intentional or unintentional exploitation. Being themselves trapped in the snare of material illusion, they always try to lure the sincere servants of the Lord to indulge in their illusions and also sometimes create awkward situations for them. […]

Srila Prabhupada speaks on December 25

PRABHUPADA'S QUOTE OF THE DAY "Simply propagate this chanting, dancing, feasting and following the regulative principles. These are the four pillars of our success." Letter to Krsna das, December 25, 1969 —  LET US NOT MAKE OUR STOMACH A GRAVEYARD. LET US NOT EAT FLESH. LET US BE VEGETARIANS AND STAY HEALTHY. Animals are to […]


Wish You a Very Happy Christmas!!! Today is Christmas Day, the birthday of Jesus Christ. In Europe and other countries, hardly anyone knows what Jesus Christ was doing in his youth, at around 15 years of age. Indian history shows that he was in India, where he visited Vrndavana, Ayodya, Jagannatha Puri, and other pilgrimage […]

Guru is Required

        Sometimes people wonder why a guru is required when they can directly approach the Supreme Personality of Godhead. But when we directly study the words of Krishna what does He say? He says that we should become the devotee of His devotee. He says that we should submissively inquire from and […]