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Happy Chanting In 2010

Hare Krsna my dear devotees. I hope your holidays have been blessed with many devotees association, devotional service, bhajans, kirtans and the concentrated chanting of the holy names. For a devotee this is happiness, once I heard a devotee saying that for a vaisnava he can live with some prasadam his beads and the Bhagavad Gita, thats a wonderful combination, sometimes we ask so much for the Lord but actually we don't need much to be happy. Our mind leads us to material enjoyment and always distract us to do what we actually dont need and its not the desire of the soul but the body, thats why we get frustrated sometimes, because we listen to our minds. But by practicing devotional service and the offenseless chanting we are able to be beyond this plataform. Maybe you have already read this quote from Mahanidhi Swami – The Art Of Chanting Hare Krsna book, but I am going to bring it again, because it helped me a lot to understand some things.

Seven Benefits of Namabhasa

Although it is not the perfect stage of chanting, namabhasa should not be underestimated, for it offers many benefits. Krsna-prema, however, which is the greatest reward of chanting the holy name, can never be attained by namabhasa; only suddha-nama will give this perfection. Nevertheless, one who chants without offenses achieves more fortune than all the results attainable from religiosity, vows, yoga and sacrifices. The positive results of offenseless chanting (namabhasa) are mentioned in Harinama-cintamani:

1. Annihilation of sinful reactions.
2. Liberation from the effects of Kali-yuga and material consciousness.
3. Freedom from fear and worries; experience inner peace and contentment.
4. Protection from influence of ghosts, demons, evil spirits and malefic planets.
5. Attainment of the four goals of life (dharma, artha, kama, moksa).
6. Boundless spiritual bliss.
7. Eternal residence in Vaikuntha is offered to the offenseless chanter.

The Harinama Cintamani states in one topic that I brought today…topic number two: "Liberation from the effects of Kali Yuga and material consciousness" is one of the things a namabhasa stage devotee attain and is very very helpful for our chanting. Sometimes when we chant one of the the things that most disturb us are our thoughts, material desires, the mind that wants to control us with so many tricks. In the end our main desire is to be peaceful, chanting and feeling bliss, so when we know that achieving a certain stage in chanting we won't need to worry about these thoughts, knowing that they will be replaced by the Lord's pastimes, because our hearts will be connected to our thoughts and chanting will just bring us bliss and nectar in every sound.
We have example of many devotees we just need to trust the Lord is always here to help us and we need to give the first step by hearing the mantra while chanting.

I didnt think too much about resolutions for the New Year 2010, things cant change in one day, but I have a spiritual desire, I want to become a better devotee and improve day by day in my service and chanting. I would like to wish you all a wonderful year, full of bliss and ecstatic moments in spiritual life, the ones you feel happier doing, mine is cooking, serving devotees and bhajans, and many others, what is yours, do more of these services and be happy in the Lords company, specially through chanting that will bring you sublime and eternal bliss.

your servant,

Aruna devi

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