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The Proud Frog!


The Proud Frog!


"Sometimes someone has a little knowledge, and they become very proud. Sometimes someone has a little wealth, they become very proud, they think nothing can disturb them.

There is a story once, that there was a frog living in the pond. One day the frog, he jumped out on the side of the pond and there he found one coin. He found a 50 paisa piece…'aat anna'. Now this was quite some time ago, so that time 'aat anna' was more than it is today. Maybe that 'aat anna' was worth 50 rupees today. Now rupees are not worth so much.

So that frog thought that, "Now I am the richest frog in the world! What other frog has so much money?" Have you ever see a frog with money? So he was very proud. So he was sitting on top of that 50 paisa and he was making that sound that the frogs make…what do we call it..croaking!

And he thought that, 'Now I have become a very wealthy frog, and I don't have anything to fear anymore because I have so much wealth…I am going to teach that elephant a lesson!! Everyday the elephant comes down, the King's (raja's) elephant and he bathes in the pond here and he disturbs all us frogs. He doesn't appreciate our real value. Just ignores us and comes and…Now that I am the richest frog in the world I'm going to just tie up this elephant and stop him from disturbing us in the pond!"

So when the muhoot came with the elephant in the morning, to take him to bathe in the raj pukoor…raj tank, so that frog sitting on his 50 paise piece…this 8 annas, he told the elephant.."Stop!". Elephant could hardly pay any attention to what the frog was croaking.

And the frog in his anger jumped over to the elephant, hit his leg and then fell off near the elephants leg. The next step the elephant's foot came right on the frog….Squish!! End of the story.

So the moral of the story of-course, is we shouldn't get too proud even if we have some material prosperity. In the material world people, they get a little proud, they get a little prosperity, they are very proud and they start to do things with pride…forgetting that this life is temporary.

And ultimately, whatever power we have, it doesn't take anything to finish us off."

HH Jayapataka Swami

Lecture: BG 2.57
31st July 1991
Mathuradesh (Muscat)

P.S. To listen to this quote in AUDIO click HERE


Guru Vakya
C906, Pulitzer Block
Purva Fountain Square
KA, Blore 37, IND 

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