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Everfresh Krishna Consciousness!


Everfresh Krishna Consciousness!


"What ever pleasures one is getting by meditating on Krishna's qualities, that pleasure is coming again newer and newer!

This newness is something everybody is hankering for in the material world. You see in the store, on the packages-New! Newest! The daily newspapers tell you what's new, what's the latest. What is new is news. Something you don't know yet, something that's new for you, something that is inexperienced.

So people go to great lengths not to get bored. Some TV show maybe gets top ratings, but after a while the materialists get bored with it. When it goes down they want something new. People want always something new.

The wonder, "How is it that you can always be just worshiping Krishna? Don't you get bored?"

Krishna is Nava Nava. He is EVER NEW! The ecstasy of worshiping Krishna or serving Krishna is ever new. You always feel that this is a new happiness; this is something better than I have ever experienced before, this is something different, this is something new. The devotee doesn't feel any compulsion to look for something different. He thinks, "Why should I go looking for something different when Krishna is giving ever new transcendental pleasures?"

HH Jayapataka Swami
From the book: Vaishnava Vani
Courtesy: Mathuradesh Publications


Guru Vakya
C906, Pulitzer Block
Purva Fountain Square
KA, Blore 37, IND

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