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Janmastami 2010;ISKCON Pune photos

Download now or preview on posterous Janmastami 2010 96 DPI.pps (2051 KB) Chanting is a great service, when we chant we invite Krsna and Radha to our hearts and offer Them our service, our senses, our time, our voice and our love so They can take care of our whole life and engage us like […]

Deepest Knowledge in the Universe

    Recently somebody dropped out of our course complaining that it did not have enough depth. They must have been sitting on the shore without diving in because the science that we are presenting is unlimitedly deep. Even one word of this science has the power to carry the sincere student across the inconceivably […]

Ekadasi Alert: Sun, 5th Sep 2010

  Aja – Annada Ekadasifrom Brahma-vaivarta Puran Date : Sun, 5th Sep  2010 Breakfast:      06:07 AM – 10:18 AM Next day *** ——————————————————————— Sri Yudhisthira Maharaja said, "Oh JanArdana, protector of all living entities, please tell me the name of the EkAdasii that occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of BhAdrapada (August-September)." The […]