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BHISMA-PANCAKA VRATA 2010 November, 17-21 Here is the right procedure how to follow this most powerful vrata of the year. As mentioned in Srila Rupa Gosvami’s Sri Mathura Mahatmya: durlabho bhakti-yogo me mama vasya-vidhayakah karttike mathurayam ca vratenanena labhyate “Pure devotional service to Me which, because it places Me under My devotee’s dominion, is very […]

Krishna Kathamrita Bindu # 239

Download now or preview on posterous bindu239.pdf (621 KB) Our humble obeisances to all the vaishnavas! Jaya Sri Sri Guru Gauranga! You will find attached to this text issue #239 of Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu. All back issues of Bindu are available for free download. Just copy and paste the following link into your web […]

Srila Prabhupada speaks on November 17

PRABHUPADA'S QUOTE OF THE DAY "These four principles: Always think of Krishna, become Krishna's devotee, worship Krishna and offer your respect, obeisances to Krishna. That's all. This is Krishna consciousness." Hyderabad, November 17, 1972 — 

Online Gita Class – Nov 18

———- Forwarded message ———- Hare Krishna, Many of you had expressed your inability to attend the telephonic classes. Now I am going online every Thursday/Friday. Now it is convenient for everyone of you to attend. The details are as follows:  Bhagavad Gita Class.  (Chapter 3) Thursday  18th Nov  at 9:00pm  EST      8:00pm CST      7:30am IST […]

Beggar’s Rags

Beggar's Rags A beggar lived near the king's palace. One day he saw a proclamation posted outside the palace gate. The king was giving a great dinner. Anyone dressed in royal garments was invited to the party.   The beggar went on his way. He looked at the rags he was wearing and sighed. Surely […]

Srila Prabhupada speaks on November 16

PRABHUPADA'S QUOTE OF THE DAY "Everything belongs to Krishna. So by His favor we get opulence, riches, but when we are opulent we forget Krishna, because maya is very strong. " Delhi, November 16, 1971