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People say God has no name

So everyone is named here with his task. The first name is, Krsna, Hrsikesa. Hrsikesa. He is the master of the senses. Govinda. Go means senses. "Who gives pleasure to the senses." So Krsna has got many names, thousands, out of which, the Krsna name is chief, mukhya. That is described in Vedic literature. People […]

Second offence

September 2nd, 1976 On the morning walk an English boy, Ravi dasa, who just received second initiation, raised a question about the second offence in chanting, which states that we should not equate the name of the demigods with Krsna's. He asked, "So how are we to understand the name of the spiritual master? In […]

Without Absolute Faith

Those whose minds are absorbed in the spirit of enjoyment of matter, and who possess materialistic faith, can never experience the revelation of pure spiritual consciousness. Without absolute faith in the Lord's holy name, one's mundane mentality can never be cast off. Prakrita Rasa Shata Dushini #70A Hundred Warnings Against Mundane Mellows by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta […]