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Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 15, Verse 16

Chapter 15: The Yoga of the Supreme Person
Verse: 16
dvav imau purushau loke
ksharas cakshara eva ca
ksharah sarvani bhutani
kuta-stho 'kshara ucyate

There are two classes of beings, the fallible and the infallible. In the material world every living entity is fallible, and in the spiritual world every living entity is called infallible.

Krishna. having stated that He is the knower of the Vedas, in three verses will give the Vedanta or the summary of the Vedas. These three verses (15.16-18) are also referred to as the tri-sloki Gita since it gives the complete relationship between the jiva and Krishna (sambandha jnana). In text 19 Krishna explains the abhideya jnana or the process of attaining Him and in text 20 He explains the prayojana jnana or the goal of this attainment.

The living entity fall into two categories: ksara and aksara. Ksara means to fall, and there are some souls that have fallen from their constitutional position of enjoying a loving relationship with Krishna. The other is aksara, that have not deviated from their svarupa. Srila Prabhupada explains, "As long as a living entity is conditioned, his body changes due to contact with matter; matter is changing, so the living entity appears to be changing. But in the spiritual world the body is not made of matter; therefore there is no change. In the material world the living entity undergoes six changes-birth, growth, duration, reproduction, then dwindling and vanishing. These are the changes of the material body. But in the spiritual world the body does not change; there is no old age, there is no birth, there is no death. There all exists in oneness. Ksharah sarvani bhutani: any living entity who has come in contact with matter, beginning from the first created being, Brahma, down to a small ant, is changing its body; therefore they are all fallible. In the spiritual world, however, they are always liberated in oneness."

Please read the Sanskrit Verse and the Prabhupada's Purport.

You can view the previous verses at the following  address:http://groups.google.com/group/sloka-a-day

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