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Don’t Throw Away the Rarest Opportunity

This human form of life is the rarest opportunity because after transmigrating through 8,000,000 species in the lower forms of life one finally gets the opportunity to be a human being. In this human form one is gifted with the rare ability to inquire into what is the nature of the Absolute Truth. If one sincerely does so, he becomes factually situated on the human platform of spiritual awakening and through proper association and guidance gradually realizes his eternal identity in the transcendental kingdom of God. However, if one wastes his human form of life simply imitating the animals in a polished life of material sense gratification, he is fated to go back down to the lower species in his next birth in accordance with whatever type of material sense gratification he has become inclined towards. Therefore one should intelligently not throw away this rarest of all opportunities.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari


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