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Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 17, Verse 4

Chapter 17: The Divisions of Faith Verse: 4 yajante sattvika devan yaksha-rakshamsi rajasah pretan bhuta-ganams canye yajante tamasa janah  Translation: Men in the mode of goodness worship the demigods; those in the mode of passion worship the demons; and those in the mode of ignorance worship ghosts and spirits.  Explanation:Here Krishna talks about a more tangible representation of the various kinds […]

Conscious Understanding

Conscious Understanding Undoubtedly the soul is present in the heart of the living entity, and it is the source of all the energies for maintaining the body. The energy of the soul is spread all over the body, and this is known as consciousness. Since this consciousness spreads the energy of the soul all over […]

Congregational Chanting of Hare Krishan Maha-Mantra


Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 17, Verse 3

Chapter 17: The Divisions of Faith Verse: 3sattvanurupa sarvasya sraddha bhavati bharata sraddha-mayo 'yam purusho yo yac-chraddhah sa eva sah Translation: O son of Bharata, according to one's existence under the various modes of nature, one evolves a particular kind of faith. The living being is said to be of a particular faith according to […]

Owning Up to Our Mortality

There is no sense in dreaming that we can live forever. The clock is ticking away at every second bringing us closer and closer to death. Pretending that death is not coming will not make it go away. The inexorable time juggernaut keeps right on rolling along crushing everything in its path.  Sooner or later […]

Ekadasi Alert: Vijaya Ekadasi Mon, 28 Feb, 2011

from Skanda Puran Date  –  Mon, 28 Feb, 2011Breakfast:  06:43 AM – 10:37 AM  Next day *** Yudhisthira Maharaj said, Oh Lord Sri Krishna, O glorious son of Vasudeva, please be merciful to me and describe the EkAdasii that occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of PhAlguna (February-March).  Lord Sri Krishna replied, Oh Yudhisthira, Oh king of kings, […]

Mayapur TV Gaurapurnima Broadcast Schedule

Hare Krishna to everyone, . Here is the proposed broadcast schedule for Gaurapurnima – for the latest information, click the "I" information button on the player: GAUR PURNIMA 2011 FEBRUARY 26 th8pm – 9 pm: Maha Kirtan led by Radhanatha Swami FEBRUARY 28 th7pm – 10pm: Maha Kirtan led by Lokanath Swami MARCH 1st7pm […]