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Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 16, Verse 19

Chapter 16: The Divine And Demoniac Natures Verse: 19tan aham dvishatah kruran samsareshu naradhaman kshipamy ajasram asubhan asurishv eva yonishu Translation: Those who are envious and mischievous, who are the lowest among men, I perpetually cast into the ocean of material existence, into various demoniac species of life. Explanation:In the last 12 verses, Krishna has […]

Excerpt from the Back to Godhead magazine Volume 1, Parts 1-4, 1944

The Science of Congregational Chanting of the Name of the Lord(Samkirtan) When Pralhad Moharaj, the celebrated devotee of the Personality of Godhead Vishnu and the son of Hiranyakashipu the well-known atheist-was a mere boy of five years old, was seen one day by his fellow playmates, chanting the transcendental name of Hari (The Lord). The […]