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Do You Have Love For It

Recently I read an article written by Satsvarupa Maharaja – he was asking himself the following questions.

Do you pay attention to Hare Krishna mantra when you chant? Do you have love for it?

This got me thinking about my own chanting and how much I have love for chanting – the answer was yes and no. Yes I like to chant, I wouldn't say I love to chant but I like it and I love it when I feel the Lord's spiritual energy.

It's an important point….we need to feel the spiritual energy of the Lord when we chant and then we will love chanting our Japa – and how do we get this reciprocation from the Lord? We need to give attention and give respect to Krsna (who is present in the Holy names) – then Krsna has something to reciprocate with.


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