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Daily Diary of Isvara Puri Maharaja das

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     Daily Diary of Isvara Puri Maharaja das


Spanish to English translation
I Isvara Puri Maharaja das. Daily Diary 28 to 30 April 2011.

Please accept my most humble and respectful obeisances. All glories to Sri Guru and are Sri Gauranga.Continuando to the newspaper, referring to the latter days of April, I can tell is very similar to events reported in the last report, what is GM's stay here Ayurvedico.Solo this hospital I have been informed him that apart from intensive treatment with oil massage and physical therapy also is making a special treatment on his face with fumes. Sorry I can not describe in detail the treatment, because it is done in the morning, after the oil massage.
He also is visiting the Temple of Lord Danvantari in the morning and so your therapy practice walking. It does at night as it would be more intense for him, for the schedule. Continue taking their classes at night and apparently still DVTs may be visiting with him in the room night escuchandolo.Esta April 30 heard that from tomorrow May 1 therapies and treatments will intensify further, even heard the comment that GM will not be able to have their afternoon rest. This will confirm and then try to informal.
For me continue with my night shift, which as you know starts at about 10pm and most of the time I have had to stay until after 6am the following day. GM continues to rest successfully, usually waking up between 5:30 to 6am. At night before bed a little practice on your machine to "NuStep" and at bedtime continued the oil Kaviraja of Tirupati. Continues still take a while to achieve a deep sleep. What I can comment as something new, is that all this fluid that accumulates during the day, especially in its pien, is being thrown during the night, apparently due to treatment, so the swelling of his legs in the morning disappears almost completely. Nor has emerged the infection I had before these.
As a final comment, because I think this report will be one of the shortest I've sent, is that many of you and wanted to know the exact dates of the visit of GM to South America. In fact one morning, Mahavaraha was talking to GM about the upcoming trip that GM intends to perform around the world, specifically the purchase of tickets. So I took the opportunity to ask Mahavaraha to send me to my mail the itinerary of this trip possible. He replied that he would, and also told me that since he had sent to Sarva Shakti Mataji and Marici. What if I specified was, is that this route is not the final itinerary, as there may be some changes. So I will explain why: The ticket around the world has not been purchased yet, there is only one route. In my experience, the last trip around the world that we did with GM, between 2009 and 2010, the ticket or tickets that were purchased were valid for one year and could make changes in places and dates on these tickets, so I think this ticket or tickets that are intended purchase will have the same characteristics and we come to the conclusion that the same tickets are purchased, changes can occur.
Now, for you are not confused way too and can get an idea of the lapse of time allotted to visit GM's South America after the festival in Atlanta Panihati ending June 5. The most possible is that the next day, 6, GM would travel to South America, estandose to more or less
June 26 to return to the U.S., hence his return to India at the Ratha Yatra of Calcutta in the early days of July. It seems that GM visit 4 countries in South America: Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Peru and distribute those 20 or
21 days in those countries. The exact dates and order I can not describe in this report for the reasons explained before, but just have some information will bring them know. Surely some other DVTs as Marici, Sarva Ekanath Gaura Shakti and perhaps also give you more information. That's all for now.

Please take care in their service. Hare Krishna!.
Servants to care for GM.
P / D: Down Syam Rasik a video released this evening and put it on youtube. Just sent me. They were shipping units. It is a visit to Chile days back before the stroke.

Gaura Hari Bol!
All Glories to Sri Guru & Gauranga …
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada …

Dear Iswara Puri Maharaj!

Please accept my humble obeisance.

Please follow this link – I have uploaded one Latin Video of Guru Maharaj lecture – share this link in your diary.
Your Ever Servant
Shyama Rasika Dasa

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