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My Day’s Realisation About Chanting

Here is my day's realisation about chanting – whatever situation we find ourselves in, whether that is dangerous or difficult (also when things are going well and smoothly) – we need to always chant the Holy names of Krsna and surrender to Him and think about Him in all these times.

How do we think of Krsna in very materially stressful or intense times? By chanting His Holy names and asking the Lord to help us and asking the Lord to allow us to remember Him in these times (and also in the very good times when there is no stress).

Today was a very difficult day – my phone needed repairing but instead of fixing it, the repairman swapped faulty internal parts to make it worst and changed the brand new battery for an old and useless one. When I confronted him with the facts he denied everything and wanted to charge me even more. Instead of getting angry and upset, I just relaxed inside and firmly told him to fix the phone properly but he refused.

After praying inside for the Lord to help and asking Krsna to allow me to remember Him in these intense hardships – the man must have realised his bad way and refunded all the money, including the money for the battery.

It taught me once again, that we need to avoid the lower modes of nature in these times and simply chant the Hare Krsna mantra always then we will be truly happy – when we chant very good Japa in the morning, the Lord will give us this rememberance.

Hare Krsna!


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