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The Sublime, Splendorous Beauty of Existence

God is the source of love. He is not cruel. Rather, He is unlimitedly kind. Therefore, in essence, reality is unlimitedly beautiful. It is only due to our ignorance that we experience it as something ugly, cruel, or bad. The spiritual master is the messenger of God. He carries the torchlight of transcendental knowledge to […]

Bhajan: Amar Jivan

Amar JivanMy Life(from Saranagati) Audio Text One amara jivana, sada pape rata,nahiko punyera lesaparere udvega, diyachi ye koto,diyachi jivere klesa   amara — my; jivana — life; sada — always; pape — in sinful activities; rata — engaged; nahiko — there is not; punyera — of pious activities; lesa — a trace; parere — to […]

Srila Prabhupada speaks on May 30

PRABHUPADA'S QUOTE OF THE DAY "Whenever there is unwanted population these three things will naturally, by nature's course, appear-famine, pestilence, and war-and the population will be finished. There was some unwanted population at that time also for which Krishna arranged the war, battlefield of war. If we want very good population, very good generation, then […]

He Will Reciprocate