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Anything Else is a Royal Waste of Time

Any other endeavor besides reconnecting yourself in love with that person who is the very source of your existence is ultimately a royal waste of time. Why? Because all such endeavors lead nowhere except to death. Therefore to have a truly meaningful existence you must dovetail all of your life's activities with the supreme goal […]

Srila Prabhupada speaks on June 04

PRABHUPADA'S QUOTE OF THE DAY "Initiation means beginning. Not that immediately after initiation one becomes perfect." New Vrindavan, June 4, 1969 —  

Deliberate on This and Do What You Like

Surrendering to Krishna is voluntary. Krishna has given everyone the free will to do what they would like to do. If someone wants to serve Krishna, that all-merciful Lord gives them full facility to do so. And if someone wants to defy Krishna's existence and try to imitate Him, Krishna will give them full facility as […]

Please Follow Very Carefully

Please follow very carefully the four restrictions of no eating of meat, fish or eggs; no gambling; no illicit sex; and no taking of any kinds of intoxicants. Chant at least sixteen rounds on your beads daily without fail and avoid the ten offenses in the matter of chanting the Holy Names of the Lord. […]