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Sri Kurma Jayanti – Kurma Stutis

Dear All,
Greetings. Shri Kurma Jayanti falls on this Sunday and I am attaching a few stutis on Lord Kurma.
Though Kurma Avatar is one of the most important Avatars, I have not seen many stutis on Lord Kurma. Ditto for Lord Matsya, Lord Trivikrama, Lord Parashurama and Lord Balarama.
Apparently there is a Sahasranama for Lord Parashurama (called Bhargava Sahasranama said to be from Agni Puranam whose manuscript is available in one of the North Indian libraries). I have seen only one Ashtavimshati nama stotra on Parashurama. But Renuka Sahasranama is available with me (not sure whether this Renuka Sahasranama refers to the Devi of Parashurama or Renukmaba (Parvati)).
Balabhadra (Balarama) Sahasranama is available in Garga Samhita (along with another very rare Krishna Sahasranama – I will codify and send them in due course).
I understand that there are only two temples for Lord Kurma – one in Andhra (Sri Kurmam near Vishakhapatnam) and another one near a village in Thirunelveli. Apparently the Sri Kurmam temple was installed by Sage Narada.
The new Bangkok Airport in Thailand has a very huge and long sculpture of Kurma Avatar along with the churning of miky ocean by Devas and Asuras. Beautifully done. Though a Buddhist country, they don't feel shy of keeping the traditions. We, on the other hand, seem to have a misconceived understanding of secularism leaving our treasures to ruin. Pathetic.


Sri Kurma Stuti – Kurma Puranam.pdf Download this file

Sri Kurma Stuti 3.pdf Download this file

Sri Kurma Stuti 4.pdf Download this file

Sri Kurma Stuti 2.pdf Download this file


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