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Japa Room Opening Friday 1st July

Posted: 30 Jun 2011 03:47 PM PDT

The Japa Room will be launching on Friday July 1st.

Mayapur.tv has given the Japa Room a channel to broadcast to devotees from
all around the world. Mayapur.tv is the hub of devotional livestreams,
presenting many amazing and wonderful events from many countries.

Here is the information about the Japa Room channel including times and
The Japa Room is a friendly and constructive way to improve your Japa:

In the session we will cover a number of interesting and relevant topics
including direct Japa quotes from Srila Prabhupada – real life experiences
and personal realisations. We will also include video footage and audio
from various senior devotees.

You are most welcome to ask questions when the floor is opened up and we
will endeavour to answer them all.

We will also be inviting special guest devotees to speak about their
realisations on the Holy names

1st session = Every Fri. 11.30pm GMT / 6.00pm EST
* To see the time in your city

2nd session = Every Sat. 1.30pm GMT / 8.30am EST
* To see the time in your city

Here’s how you can join us – visit http://www.mayapur.tv/ – scroll down and
you will see the channel TheJapaRoom. To enter chat, simply click the “Get
your own login” button and you can join in.

* When live (in red left hand column) you can join us for a live broadcast.
* When offline (blue in right-hand column) you can visit and chant along
with the Srila Prabhupada Japa slideshow.

Don’t miss out….please come along and join us for some nice association
and enlivening discussion.


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