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Reflections Of The Spiritual World

“The material world and its relationships are a reflection of God’s own Spiritual world and its spiritual relationships. He made man in His image and He made the material relationships as a type of reflection so that they can feel that if they want to become like God, it gives them opportunities to have apparently similar kinds of activities.

But in fact they are like the shadow, and Krishna’s activities are the original and pure. These are not real relationships. These are a play, a kind of toy dolls, which are given to people in the material world, so that they think, “Okay, I have my own world, I have my own Samsara, my own creation. This is my family, I have created my children, I have created my business”, and “my whatever” that they are able to create.

They can become a Brahma and create the whole universe; and ultimately see that everything is Krishna’s energy. When they surrender to Krishna – that is pure devotional service. Pure devotional service means to do that is pleasing to Krishna.”

HH Jayapataka Swami


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