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Unlimited Peace in Crazy, Treacherous World

In this age of Kali demoniac mentality gradually becomes more and more predominant until it becomes so much out of hand that Krishna in the form of Kalki avatar personally comes 427,000 years from now to kill the demons and usher in a new pious age, the Satya yuga. But until then we find ourselves surrounded by an ever-increasingly demoniac world. How do we cope with this? It is not difficult. All we have to do is always remember that Krishna is the enjoyer of everything, the owner of everything, and the best friend of all living beings. If we simply always remember these three sublime truths, we will always enjoy unlimited peace within ourselves no matter what kind of crazy nonsense is going on in this treacherous material world. 

Sankarshan Das Adhikari

Always Remember Krishna
You Will Always Live in a World of Bliss



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