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ISKCON VIdyadan Spreads to South India

ISKCON VIdyadan Spreads to South India
Posted By Administrator On 21st September 2011 @ 19:04 In Reports

By Balramkrishnadas


ISKCON Kerala, India had requested for granting permission through a letter for free Bhagavat Gita Book distribution in Jails of the Indian State of Kerala and offering classes on Bhagavat Gita for the interested inmates. Considering the request an order has been issued for free distribution of Bhagavat Gita Books in Malayalam and other languages and also to conduct classes for the interested covering all the jails of the State.
Kerala has 52 Jails housing a total of 7000 inmates. The first inauguration went extremely well at Thrissur Central Jail. Bhagavat Gitas As It Is, in seven different languages, was kept in the Jail library. ISKCON was represented at that function by HG Bhimadas, Trustee- BBT and General Secretary ISKCON Bureau and HG Balaramkrishnadas who coordinates Vidyadan in Kerala. Many local dailies covered the function. The next inauguration of Free Distribution of Bhagavat Gitas is planned at Kannur Central Jail in Kerala on the 24thSeptember, 2011.
The program will subsequently be extended to all other district Jails.

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Article taken from Dandavats – http://www.dandavats.com
URL to article: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=9916

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