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GEMS OF WISDOM – Quest for Happiness.

Quest for Happiness
Suppose a man is thrown into the ocean. He may be an expert swimmer, but he cannot be happy in the ocean because he is out of his natural condition of life. The only way he will become happy is if someone picks him up from the ocean and places him on the land.

So if we are serious, if we actually want to be happy, we must take to the cultivation of spiritual understanding, an understanding of Krishna consciousness. Of course, in every country of the world there is some religious system, some system for understanding spiritual life. But unfortunately, almost nobody is interested in spiritual life because people have been induced to become addicted to material, or sensual, activities. They are going further and further away from spiritual life and becoming more and more confused. Disappointment is rising all over the world.

So to mitigate this disappointment and confusion, one has to take to Krishna consciousness. Try to understand the philosophy of Krishna consciousness, and act accordingly. Then you will be happy.

Srila Prabhupada's Necter

Srila Prabhupada's Quote 
 We should learn to forget and forgive minor incidents  because whenever there are two men in a place, there is always some misunderstanding. Such misunderstanding happens even between husband and wife—what to speak of others. But we have to adjust things on the basis of Krishna Consciousness… Chant Hare Krishna sincerely and all good intelligence consultation shall come from within. Krishna says that, ‘those who are engaged in My service, I give intelligence for his progressive march’.
-   Letter to:  Gargamuni, Los Angeles , January 11,  1968


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