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Bad Chanting?

Actually chanting is always good, but chanting with inattention or with offenses will not give us the taste of nectar that we are hankering for – we will not feel the Lord's spiritual energies.

On the positive side, if we chant with devotion….giving our attention to the sound and with great concentration diving deeply into the Holy names, then we will feel the Lord's transcendental spiritual energy and our faith and determination will increase.

Here is a quote from Srila Prabhupada that illustrates this point:

"….Practically we see that as we sincerely try to improve our chanting for the pleasure of Krishna, Krishna reciprocates and we feel our greatest pleasure which is devotional service to the Lord."
Letter to Syamasundara – November 24, 1968

Let us all remember that chanting Japa is basis of our Sadhana Bhakti….the cornerstone, and should be given great importance.


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