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Avoiding The Ten Offenses

Hare Krsna dear devotees, here follows a very nice quote from the Harinama Cintamani by Srila Bhaktvinoda Thakur where he mentions the importance of avoiding the 10 offenses.

"By hearing the glories of the holy name, the last traces of false ego will dissipate, and the symptoms of a pure devotee will then blossom in his heart, and he will take to the six processes of surrender. He who finds complete shelter in the holy name is a great soul, for he becomes the recipient of the great treasure of Krsnaprema. The symptoms of one who is free from the ten namaparadhas In being warned to avoid the ten offenses to the holy name of the Lord, one is actually being ordered to positively implement the specific saintly qualities that render these aparadhas impossible. Therefore, one must: not criticize but serve the saintly Vaisnavas; worship Krsna as the Absolute Supreme Lord; give full respect to the spiritual master who initiates one into the holy name; regard the scriptures that reveal the glories of the holy name as preeminent; know within the heart that the holy name is eternally situated in pure transcendence; root out and destroy the desire to commit sins; preach the glories of the holy name only to the faithful; give up ritualistic pious activities entirely; chant with full attention and surrender fully to the holy name."

Harinama Cintamani


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