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We Need To Take Action

Today in the Japa Room there were many interesting questions and concerns about Japa. We sometimes find ourselves in difficult situations where it's hard to rise early or it's difficult to chant our Japa in the morning. One such question arose today about how a devotee was finding it very difficult to take rest early due to work commitments and therefore their Japa was suffering – he was feeling very sleepy and inattentive and he was wondering what to do.

In any situation of difficulty we need to take action and try to adjust ourselves to make Japa the No.1 priority and we also need to pray to the spiritual master and Krsna for help. In a situation like this, the devotee needs to adjust his schedule and try to rise at the same time each day, even if that means slightly later than we would like. Srila Prabhupada recommends 6 hours sleep each day and normally we can survive on 6 – 7 hours of sleep each day which should give us time to chant a good amount of Japa in the morning before anything else.

It's our sincere efforts that Krsna wants to see, if He sees us trying to chant His Holy names in the best way we can, then we can get that reciprocation of the Lord and feel his various spiritual energies in our spiritual life.


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