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The Ultimate Darshan Experience

The Ultimate Darshan Experience

Early in the 18th century the three main deities of Vrindavan (Madana Mohana, Govinda, and Gopinatha) were taken to Jaipur to protect them from the Muslim tyrant Aurangzeb who was destroying the temples and deities of Vrindavan in an envious rampage. They were rescued by the pious Vaisnava king, Maharaja Jai Singh II. Madana Mohan was later transferred to a Rajastani village called Karoli. Maharaja Jai Singh was so devoted to Lord Govinda that when he built a new city, which he named Jaipur (city of victory), he dedicated it to his beloved Lord Govinda. The Maharaja established Govindaji's temple on the grounds of his palace so that he could take darshan from his quarters. For three centuries Radha Govinda's worship has been attracting great devotion from the residents of Jaipur.

It is very auspicious to take the darshan of all three of these deities in one day. At 5am on 6 November 2011 twelve of us set out for the ultimate darshan experience. We reached the temple in Karoli for a late morning darshan of the beautiful Madana Mohan and then proceeded to Jaipur for a late afternoon darshan of Radha Govinda.

When we went for darshan of Radha Govinda there were thousands of people waiting to see their beloved Radha and Govinda. We joyfully joined in with them singing "Govinda Jaya Jaya, Gopala Jaya Jaya, Radha Ramana Hari, Govinda Jaya Jaya" as we waited for the curtains to open. And then when the curtains finally parted waves of transcendental bliss swept the enthusiastic devotees as we feasted our eyes and hearts on the beautiful Sri Sri Radha and Govinda.

Finally at sunset we capped off this most sublime day with a darshan of Radha Gopinatha, the deity who bestows pure love of God. I joyfully took darshan in each temple in a mood of humble submission begging the Lord for His mercy to save me from material consciousness and make me His pure devotee.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari

Original Madana Mohana in Karoli
He Frees the Heart from Lust

Radha Govinda's Temple
Is on the Grounds of the King's Palace in Jaipur

Waves of Bliss Swept the Assembled Devotees
When the Curtains Opened

Thousands Came for Radha Govinda's Darshan

Sri Sri Radha Govinda Darshan
A Feast for the Eyes and Heart

Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha Bestow Prema Bhakti


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