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Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 1, Verse 9

Chapter 1: Observing the Armies on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra
Verse: 9
anye ca bahavah sura
mad-arthe tyakta-jivitah
sarve yuddha-visaradah

There are many other heroes who are prepared to lay down their lives for my sake. All of them are well equipped with different kinds of weapons, and all are experienced in military science.

Once again we see the egoistical nature of Duryodhana – 'lay down their live for my sake.' We see his emphasizing on himself ("my sake") not for the king, the kingdom or for a just cause. Superficially Duryodhana is trying to demonstrate his confidence in other warriors like Jayadratta, Kritvarma, Salya etc. who he had not mentioned earlier. Srila Prabhupada comments, "In other words, it is already concluded that all of them would die in the battle of Kuruksetra for joining the party of the sinful Duryodhana." At a subtle level Duryodhana knows that he and all his warriors are going to die. Duryodhana's boast becomes a prophecy, since all the warriors are indeed slain in the ensuing battle.

Please read the Sanskrit Verse and the Prabhupada's Purport.


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