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Sri Nrusimha Jayanthi – A Couple of Rare Stotras

Dear All,
Greetings and Namaste. Depending on the tradition followed, Sri Nrusimha Jayanthi falls on 5th or 6th of May 2012. In this connection, I am happy to share a couple of very rare stotras.
1. Nrusimha Stuti – Prahlada – Vishnu Puranam – this prayer on Lord Vishnu is said to have been meditated upon by Prahlada when he was thrown into the ocean and heaps of rocks were thrown in to drown/kill him by his father Hiranayakashipu. A chant of this prayer with devotion should see one relieved of his/her trials/tribulations.
2. Nrusimha Stuti – Indradyumna – Skanda Purana – this seems to be an extremely sacred/potent stuti on Lord Nrusimha by going through the Phalashruti. Though the prayer is said to have been created at a khsetra in Purushottama Kshetra (Puri Jagannath of today), I am not able to understand the exact location of this Narasimha Kshetra (Those who know this place may please revert for the benefit of all). It is said that it is capable of giving the benefit of one thousand Vajapeya Yajna and Ashwamedha Yajna and destroying the sins accumulated over crores of birth if it is done on two specific occasions given (Please refer to the preface section). I would tend to think that, even if one does the prescribed procedure at home with due devotion, the said benefits should accrue.
A few snippets as usual :
1. There are plenty of stutis on Lord Nrusimha but I have seen only one Ashtottaram and one Sahasranamam (said to be from Nrusimha Puranam but not found in the print edition). I gather that there is one more Nrusimha Sahasranama but not sure of its origin. If any one has this, kindly share it.
2. Of all the Vishnu Sahasranamas, only a few of them give very elaborate phalashruti indicating its sanctity. The first and foremost will be Nrusimha Sahasranama. Equal to this will be Hayagriva Sahasranama and kakArAdi Krishna Sahasranama. In Nrusimha Sahasranama it is given that one accrues the benefit of doing pradakshina of entire earth with one's head (imagine!).
3. In Nrusimha Sahasranama Purva Pithika, (if I understood correctly) the yuddha between Lord Nrusimha and Hiranyakashipu goes on for thousand divya varshas which is contrary to the common knowledge that it happened during Pradosha time. May I request learned people to throw light on how to understand this sentence?
4. There are several kavachas on Lord Nrusimha (at least 4-5) and I know many more exist. There are several mantras too – Rudra Yamala Tantra gives another mantra.
5. Sarua Purana equates Lord Nrusimha to Lord Bhairava thus establishing the equality of trinity (I had given the shlokas sometime ago). The prayer attached (by Prahlada)also establishes this in second stanza.
6. I have been searching for any stotras, ashtottaras, sahasranamas on Lord Yoga Narasimha. If any of you know any such hymns, please help me.
7. Prayer to Lord Nrusimha is said to relieve Mangalik Doshas and relieves one of stomach diseases and mental diseases. Prayer to Lord Nrusimha is also said to give clarity of speech (Spashta).
8. Nrusimhavatara is closely associated with Sharabha Avatara of Lord Shiva. Linga Puranam (and a few other purans) gives these details. It is said that Lord Nrusimha became uncontrollable after he killed Hiranyakashipu. Prayers and acts by Devas, Lakshmi, Virabhadra, etc. were of no avail. So, finally Lord Shiva takes the form of Sharabha – with Shulini Durga as one wing and Pratyangira as another wing and embraces Lord Nrusimha. Lord Nrusimha finally becomes normal and prays Lord Sharabha with Sharabha Ashtottaram (this is found in Linga Puranam). Chidambaram is one of the main kshetras with a separate and powerful Sannadhi for Lord Sharabha, though there are many such shrines.
May we endeavor to seek the blessings of Lord Nrusimha!

Sri Nrusimha Stuti – Skanda Puranam – TAM.pdf Download this file

Sri Nrusimha Stuti – Skanda Puranam.pdf Download this file

Sri Nrusimha Stuti – Vishnu Puranam.pdf Download this file

Sri Nrusimha Stuti – Vishnu Puranam – TAM.pdf Download this file

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