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“The Journey Back To Godhead”

HH Jayapataka Swami : Quote Of The Day
"The Journey Back To Godhead"

“As we are going back to the spiritual planet, we may happen to go by a visual tour. Sometimes the yogis want to see how the universe looks like, so go round and see a few planets on the way back to Godhead. But if there is danger, we get stuck up.
If we think, ‘Oh! These mystic powers are very nice, I like to have those!’ All Right! Next you are found in Siddhaloka. If we think that all these gardens are very nice, then we take birth in the heavenly planets.
If you go through all the different planets, but your actual desire is, ‘There is no Krishna here, where is Krishna??? I don’t see Krishna amongst the yogis, I don’t see Krishna here in the heavenly planets, I don’t see Krishna here in Sivaloka, certainly I don’t see Krishna here in the Brahmajyoti, where is Krishna? Oh! Here is Vaikuntaloka, where is Krishna, where are the cowheard boys, where is Mother Yashoda? Where is Lord Chaitanya and His sankirtan party? There is Narada muni here. Here it is very formal with Lord Narayana, the four Kumaras. But where is Gopala??? And where is Gauranga??‘
If we have that type of desire, if we are already in that Svarupa Upalabdhi, where we are directly identified as a servant of Krishna in His Gopala form, Radha Madhava form, or of Lord Chaitanya, then that takes us back to Goloka Vrindavan.
Anywhere along the way, if we are attracted to the material world, to Karma Kanda, Jnana Kanda, to the majestic aspect of the spiritual world, or just merging in the Brahma Jyoti, wherever it may be, we get STUCK UP there!”
HH Jayapataka Swami
From the book: Vaishnava Vani
Courtesy: Mathuradesh Publications



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