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Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 2, Verse 66

Chapter 2: Contents of the Gita Summarized Verse: 66nasti buddhir ayuktasya na cayuktasya bhavana na cabhavayatah santir asantasya kutah sukham Translation: One who is not connected with the Supreme [in Krishna consciousness] can have neither transcendental intelligence nor a steady mind, without which there is no possibility of peace. And how can there be any […]

Srila Prabhupada speaks on May 18

PRABHUPADA'S QUOTE OF THE DAY "Now I have come back to my home, Vrndavana. If anything should go wrong, at least I will be here in Vrndavana. Vrndavana is for residence, Bombay is office for organization, and Mayapur is for worship of the Supreme Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu." Letter to Gurukripa, May 18, 1977