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History of how Govardhan appeared in this world:

While in Goloka Vrindavana Krishna informed Srimati Radharani that She should now appear on earth as it was time for Them to perform Their different pastimes within the material world. Srimati Radharani replied that unless Vraja Dhama, the Yamuna and Govardhan Hill were present there, She would not be very happy. Krishna told Radharani that […]

Could See In The Universal Form

tatraika-sthaṁ jagat kṛtsnaṁ pravibhaktam anekadhā apaśyad deva-devasya śarīre pāṇḍavas tadā TRANSLATION At that time Arjuna could see in the universal form of the Lord the unlimited expansions of the universe situated in one place although divided into many, many thousands. PURPORTThe word tatra (“there”) is very significant. It indicates that both Arjuna and Kṛṣṇa were […]

Behold At Once In This Body

ihaika-sthaṁ jagat kṛtsnaṁ paśyādya sa-carācaram mama dehe guḍākeśa yac cānyad draṣṭum icchasi TRANSLATIONO Arjuna, whatever you wish to see, behold at once in this body of Mine! This universal form can show you whatever you now desire to see and whatever you may want to see in the future. Everything – moving and nonmoving – […]

Of The Wise I am The Wisdom and Of The Sages I am Vyāsa

daṇḍo damayatām asmi nītir asmi jigīṣatām maunaṁ caivāsmi guhyānāṁ jñānaṁ jñānavatām aham TRANSLATIONAmong all means of suppressing lawlessness I am punishment, and of those who seek victory I am morality. Of secret things I am silence, and of the wise I am the wisdom. PURPORTThere are many suppressing agents, of which the most important are […]

I am The Strength Of The Strong and I am Flower-Bearing Spring

dyūtaḿ chalayatām asmi tejas tejasvinām aham jayo 'smi vyavasāyo 'smi sattvaḿ sattvavatām aham TRANSLATIONI am also the gambling of cheats, and of the splendid I am the splendor. I am victory, I am adventure, and I am the strength of the strong. PURPORT There are many kinds of cheaters all over the universe. Of all […]

I am All-devouring Death and Of Creators I am Brahmā

mṛtyuḥ sarva-haraś cāham udbhavaś ca bhaviṣyatām kīrtiḥ śrīr vāk ca nārīṇāḿ smṛtir medhā dhṛtiḥ kṣamā TRANSLATIONI am all-devouring death, and I am the generating principle of all that is yet to be. Among women I am fame, fortune, fine speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness and patience. PURPORTAs soon as a man is born, he dies at […]

Reminder for Wednesday, 12 Sep 2012

Vaisnava Calendar Reminder Reminder for Wednesday, 12 Sep 2012 Fasting for Parama Ekadasi


HH Jayapataka Swami : Quote Of The Day "GOLD is GOLD"

I am The Conclusive Truth

sargāṇām ādir antaś ca madhyaḿ caivāham arjuna adhyātma-vidyā vidyānāḿ vādaḥ pravadatām aham TRANSLATIONOf all creations I am the beginning and the end and also the middle, O Arjuna. Of all sciences I am the spiritual science of the self, and among logicians I am the conclusive truth. PURPORTAmong the created manifestations, the first is the […]

Among The Demigods I am Nārada