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History of how Govardhan appeared in this world:

While in Goloka Vrindavana Krishna informed Srimati Radharani that She should now appear on earth as it was time for Them to perform Their different pastimes within the material world. Srimati Radharani replied that unless Vraja Dhama, the Yamuna and Govardhan Hill were present there, She would not be very happy. Krishna told Radharani that […]

Could See In The Universal Form

tatraika-sthaṁ jagat kṛtsnaṁ pravibhaktam anekadhā apaśyad deva-devasya śarīre pāṇḍavas tadā TRANSLATION At that time Arjuna could see in the universal form of the Lord the unlimited expansions of the universe situated in one place although divided into many, many thousands. PURPORTThe word tatra (“there”) is very significant. It indicates that both Arjuna and Kṛṣṇa were […]