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Reminder for Thursday, 25 Oct 2012-Pasankusa Ekadassi

PasankusaEkadasi.pdf Download this file Reminder for Thursday, 25 Oct 2012 Full day fasting from grains for Pasankusa Ekadasi Please check your local calendar for fast breaking time. Please find attached a related story about Pasankusa Ekadasi for your ready reference. Pasankusa Ekadasi.pdf

No One Before You

na veda-yajñādhyayanair na dānair na ca kriyābhir na tapobhir ugraiḥ evaṁ-rūpaḥ śakya ahaṁ nṛ-loke draṣṭuṁ tvad anyena kuru-pravīra TRANSLATION O best of the Kuru warriors, no one before you has ever seen this universal form of Mine, for neither by studying the Vedas, nor by performing sacrifices, nor by charity, nor by pious activities, nor […]