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Nanda Dulal

There are only few stories now, since this website is still in the process of development. More will come in future. If you like, you can send us your favourite story.


Mother Yasoda Ties Krsna with a Rope

Once upon a time, two demigods named Nalakuvara and Manigriva went to Lord Siva’s garden next to the Mandakini River. They drank a lot and listened to the women singing there. Then they all went into the Ganges River full of lotus flowers and enjoyed themselves just like elephants splashing in the water. Suddenly the great sage, Narada Muni happened to come that way. The two demigod sons of Kuvera did not even cover their naked bodies properly; nor did they offer their respect to him.

To teach them a lesson, Narada turned them into trees in the garden of Nanda Maharaj. After many, many years of living as trees, they would be liberated by Sri Krsna.

One fine morning, thousands of years later, Mother Yasoda was making butter. Krsna climbed on her lap to drink her breast mild. She smiled, enjoying the beauty of His face. Suddenly she remembered the milk on the stove in the kitchen which was about to boil over. Quickly she put Krsna down on the ground and ran to the kitchen to take the milk of the fire.
Krsna had not finished drinking and was very angry. With red eyes and false tears, He broke the clay pot filled butter and took the butter away to eat it nicely in a quiet corner all by Himself.
Mother Yasoda came back from the kitchen and saw the broken pot, but did not see Krsna. After looking all over, she found her naughty little son taking more butter from a swing she had hung from the ceiling. By this time, He wall covered with the butter he had eaten and was feeding the rest to the monkeys. Krsna was looking this way and that in fear of being caught. Yasoda came with a stick and He ran away very quickly. She chased Him to all corners of the hose and yard.
When she finally caught Him, she started to tie His hands together with a rope, but it was a little too short – by two inches. She got more rope from the house and added it, but found it was still not enough. She got more and more rope, but each time she tried to tie the last knot, she saw it was always about two inches short! How was this happening? She became so tired doing this again and again; then Krsna finally let her tie Him up with her rope without playing any more tricks. She left Him tied up to the mortar and went inside the hosue to finish her work.
Krsna thought to Himself, “Mother Yasoda first put Me down without feeding Me enough milk. I broke the pot of yogurt and butter, which I gave away in charity to the monkeys, and then she tied Me up to a wooden mortar. I shall have some fun and do something even more naughty than before. “He had His eye on two arjuna trees in the yard. And He just thought of breaking down those two very tall arjuna trees.

Little Krsna, dragging alone the wooden mortar behind Him, crawled straight through the two trees. But the large wooden mortar turned crosswise and got stuck between. Still, Krsna pulled and pulled and pulled the rope until the two trees fell down with a big sound: “Crash!? Out of the broken, fallen trees came two beautiful demigods, Maigriva and Nalakuvara, shining like fire. At once they bowed down to baby Krsna to offer their prayers.

Lord Krsna, who was still tied to the wooden mortar by the ropes of Mother Yasoda, began to smile and said, “Narada Muni has blessed you with pure love for Me.
So this is your last time in the material world. Now you may go back to your father’s house in the heavenly planets and then you will go back home to Godhead in this very lifetime.?
They bowed down again and again after walking around their beloved Lord. Then they left for their home. All the while, the Lord was still tied with ropes.

By this time, all the people from Gokula Vrndavana came running to see what had happened. The small children playing there said to everyone, “Krsna came straight through the two trees and the wooden mortar got stuck in between. Krsna just pulled and pulled on the rope until the trees finally fell down. Two very dazzling bright men came out of the trees and began to talk to Krsna.?


There was once a powerful king whose name was Banasura. He was ruling over the City of Shonitapura and was very devoted to Lord Shiva. He was a great demon and so strong and fierce that everyone was afraid of him. Even the kings in heaven and on earth feared him.

Once Banasura played the drums for Lord Shivas dancing with such devotion that Shiva was very pleased with him and he said „What ever you desire you can have from me.“ Banasura replied „my dear Lord, if you please you can remain in my City just to protect me from the hands of my enemy.“

Some time after that Banasura came to offer his respect to Lord Shiva and said, “I am so tired of my lazy life. I want to have the excitement of war again. My hands are itching for a fight. Shall I get the chance to fight somebody who is a match for me?”

“Yes, you certainly will get the chance.“ replied Shiva. “When? When?” asked Banasura eagerly. ” Shiva said, „You will have to fight a great person and he will defeat you.“ Banasura laughed out loud and said, „He will defeat the great Banasura? Let this great person come and I shall show him what I am worth.”

Banasura had a beautiful daughter named Usha. Usha was in the prime of youth and received many proposals of marriage. But her father did not agree to any of them. Usha had a companion named Chitralekha. Chitralekha was the daughter of one of Banasura’s ministers, and she was very clever and talented. She also was a great artist. She knew everybody who was of any importance in heaven or on earth.

One night Usha was dreaming of a very handsome prince and immediately fell in love with him. Everything seemed so real for her, but suddenly she woke up and found that the prince was gone. “Where are you?„ she called out but there was no reply.

She searched for him in all her rooms and outside. When she could not find him anywhere, she started crying. Chitralekha heard her crying and went in to ask her what had happened. Usha told her that a young and handsome prince had come to her but he had suddenly vanished.

“You must bring him back to me,” she said. “I must find him, if I can’t then I have no more desire to live.” Chitralekha knew that it would be very difficult to find that young man, since Usha had only seen him in her dream.

Chitralekha thought who could have appeared before Usha. It might be one of the gods, for some of them had played such tricks before. Or perhaps it was one of the kings. She wrote down the names of all the gods and kings and princes whom Usha might have seen in her dream. She then began to draw the picture of each one of them. She started with the demigods. She drew Indra and showed the picture to Usha. “No,” said Usha, “that is not him.”

Then Chitralekha drew the pictures of kings and princes, but Usha said that none of them resembled her prince. Chitralekha then drew Sri Krishna. Usha said that there was some likeness, but that it wasn’t him. Then she drew the picture of Krishna’s son. Usha could see more likeness, but her beloved was much younger.

Chitralekha smiled and drew a picture of Aniruddha, Krishna’s grandson, who was famous for his beauty, and showed it to Usha.

Usha immideately blushed and smilingly said, „he is the one.“Chitralekha told Usha who the young man was and explained that it would be difficult for her to arrange that Usha and Aniruddha could meet in person.”Nothing is difficult for you,” said Usha. “You must get him for me or I will die.” Chitralekha replied, “I shall try my very best to find him and bring him to you.”

It was midnight when Chitralekha set out on her mission. Unseen by anyone she went to Lord Krishna’s palace. She searched from room to room and at last found Aniruddha sleeping in his room.

Chitralekha had certain magic powers. She made Aniruddha continue to sleep while she carried him out of the palace and took him away to Banasura’s city. It was dawn when she reached there and she went straight to Usha’s room. She laid Aniruddha on Usha’s bed. Usha was very happy to see Aniruddha and embraced Chitralekha. Chitralekha left saying that she would come back when Aniruddha woke up.

Aniruddha was still sleeping. Usha was gazing at his face. She wanted to wake him up and talk to him but she was to shy to disturb him. After some time Aniruddha finally woke up. He was surprised to find himself in an unknown place. He looked at Usha in astonishment. She was very beautiful and he immediately liked her but was wondering to himself who she was? With all these questions in his mind he asked her: “Who are you? Where am I? How did I come here? Have we met before?”

Usha replied, “I am Usha, the daughter of king Banasura. This is my room. Yes, we have met before. We met in my dream. I fell in love with you and wanted to be with you. My friend Chitralekha brought you here. Please stay here.“

Aniruddha was confused. What should he do? Should he stay with Usha or should he return home? Usha was so loving and so lovely that he did not want to leave. But how could he stay with her? Usha was not married to him. And what would his family think when they learnt that he was staying with Banasura’s daughter?

“What are you thinking?” asked Usha, looking at him eagerly. “Neither my family nor yours will approve of our marriage. Usha replied, „But we are made for each other. Please stay here.”

“I love you very much and I would like to marry you. But it would not be wise to do so without the consent of our parents. Let us consult them first,” replied Anidruddha.”You don’t know my father,” said Usha. “He will never agree to our marriage.”

“But we can argue with him and make him change his mind,” said Aniruddha. “I do not know what he will do if he sees you here,” said Usha in despair. So Aniruddha decided to stay. Usha immediately bloomed in happiness and began to enjoy the company of Aniruddha. The palace in which Usha lived was so well fortified that it was impossible for any male to either enter or see inside. Usha and Aniruddha lived together in the palace and day after day the love of Usha for Aniruddha grew more and more. Usha made Aniruddha forget all other things and was able to draw his attention and love upon her without deviation. In such an atmosphere of love and service Aniruddha practically forgot himself and could not recall how many days he had been away from his family home.

In due course of time, Usha exhibited some bodily symtoms by which it could be understood that she was pregnant. The symptoms were so prominent that her actions could no longer be concealed from anyone.

The housekeeper and the watchmen of the palase could guess very easily that she was having relations with a male friend. Without waiting for further development all informed their master Banasura.

Banasura was shocked to hear this and at once rushed to see her. There he saw Usha in the company of a handsome young man. He thought to himself, that they were a suitable match, but for family prestige, he did not like the combination at all. He was wondering that even in his presence this young man was peacefully sitting in front of Usha and that made him even more angry. Aniruddha knew, however, that his would-be father-in-law was not at all pleased and that he was gathering many soldiers in the palace to attack him.

Banasura shouted and roared with anger and wanted to kill him immediately. Not finding any other weapon, Aniruddha took hold of a big iron rod and stood up before Banasura and his soldiers. Under the order of Banasura, the soldiers from all sides attempted to capture and arrest him. When they dared to come before him, Aniruddha defended himself bravely and was able to escape the palace.

Banasura knew various arts of fighting, and by the grace of Lord Shiva, he knew how to arrest his opposing enemy by the use of a nagapasa, snake-noose, and so Aniruddha was seized as he came out of the palace. When Usa received the news that her father had arrested Aniruddha, she became overwhelmed with grief and confusion.

In the meantime it had been discovered that Aniruddha was missing from the palace of Lord Krishna. It was strange that the young prince had suddenly vanished. Nobody had any idea where he had gone. Had he been kidnapped? A search was made, but the prince could not be found.

At that time Narada Muni went to Krishna and informed him that his grandson was in Banasura’s prison. Everyone was surprised. How had Aniruddha fallen into the hands of Banasura? Banasura was an Asura and he would not release Aniruddha easily. Krishna knew that the only way to get back his grandson was to wage a war.

Krishna gathered a large army and marched to Banasura’s capital. Banasura heard the news and he immediately knew that the time had come for the great fight Siva had told him of. He was jubilant. He had been waiting for this for so long. He assembled his army and marched out to meet the enemy. The battle began between the two forces. The fighting was so firece that those who saw the battle were struck with wonder, and the hairs on their bodies stood up. Lord Shiva was engaged in fighting directly with Lord Krsna, Pradyumna was engaged with Karttikeye, and Lord Balarama was engaged with Banasura’s commander-in-chief, Kumbhanda, who was assisted by Kupakarna. Samba was engaged in fighting with teh son of Banasura, and Banasura was engaged in fighting with Satyaki, comander-in-chief of the Yadu dynasty. In this way the fighting was waged. Lord Shiva began to release all his selected weapons upon Sri Krishna, but, without any difficulty, Sri Krishna counteracted all these weapons with counter-weapons. When Lord Shiva relaesed a particular weapon bringing about a violent hurricane on the battlefield, Lord Krsna presented just the opposing element, a mountain wepaon which checked the hurricane on the spot. Similarly when Lord Shiva released his weapon of devastating fire, Krishna counteracted it with torrents of rain.

Lord Shiva became enraged in fighting with Lord Krishna. Krishna then took the opportunity to release His yawning weapon. Consequently Lord Shiva became so fatigued that he refused to fight anymore and began to yawn. Krishna was now able to turn His attention from the attack of Lord Shiva to the efforts of Banasura, and He began to kill his personal soldiers with swords and clubs.

When Banasura saw that his soldires and commanders had been defeated, his anger only increased, and he directly attacked Lord Krishna. Immediately, without any difficulty, Krishna cut each of Banasura’s bows into two pieces and, to check him from going further he destroyed Banasura’s chariot.

There was a devi named Kotara who was worshiped by Banasura, and their relationship was as a mother and son. Mother Kotara was upset that Banasura’s life was in danger, so she appread on teh scene. With naked body and scattered hair, she stood before Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna did not lke the sight of this naked woman and to avoid seeing her, He turned His face. Banasura, getting this chance to escape Krishna’s attack, left the battlefield. All the strings of his bows were broken, and there was no chariot or driver, so he had no alternative than to return to his city. He lost everything in the battle.

Now Shiva relased his greatest death weapon, known as Sivajvara, which destroys by very hot temperature. He was so powerful that he made blazing fire appear in all directions.. Krishna then released His Narayanajvara, which is the weapon of freezing cold. When heat comes in contact with cold, naturally the hot temperature gradually reduces. Sivajvara had no chance to win and ultimately surrendered unto Krishna.

In the meantime Banasura somehow or other recovered from his setbacks, and, with rejuvenated energy, returned to fight. When Krishna was about to kill Bana, Lord Shiva came forward and asked Him to spare Banasuras’s life.

Krishna said, „My dear Lord Shiva, I accept your desire for Banasura. I know that he is a great devotees of you, so you can now rest assured that henceforward he need have no fear from anything.“

When Banasura was blessed by Lord Krishna in this way, he came before the Lord and bowed down before Him, touching his head to the ground. He immediately arranged to bring Aniruddha along with his daughter Usha, seated on a nice chariot.

Krishna received them with love. He took them home with Him. A beautiful marriage ceremony was celebrated and they lived happily ever after.


“Go, Go, Go, Govinda!”
One child stands in one spot, which represents the spiritual world. One child is chosen to be Maya,.The other children stand in a line about 35 yards away which indicates the material world. They are all devotees trying to advance and reach the spiritual words 🙂 The child representing the spiritual world turns its back to the other children. and says “Go, Go, Go, Govinda!” He says “Go” as many times as he wants, and during that time the devotees run towards Him to try to reach him. Then when he finally says “Vinda ,” He turns around and everyone must freeze. Then mayas turn comes. Maya will try to make the kids laugh by making faces, sounds etc. If the child laughs or hast to moove, then it hast to go back. Then the child representing the spiritual world chants again “Go,Go, Go, Govinda!” The game goes on until one kid has reacheat the spirual world by touching the child. That kid can then be the one representing the spiritual world or maya.

One child is chosen to be Maya. The others stand in a circle. They represent the association of devotees. Maya walks rapidly around the outside of the circle, carrying a cloth which represents the object of sense gratification. Maya silently drops the cloth behind a devotee. As soon as the player realizes that the object of sense gratification is behind him, he picks it up, leaves the association of the devotees, and runs around the circle to associate with Maya. If Maya reaches the vacant place in the circle first, she has trapped the devotee in illusion, and he becomes Maya. If the devotee gets back to his place first, he has been saved. Maya must then drop the object of sense gratification again. Maya continues going around the circle until the player notices that the object is behind him. Everyone must run in the same clockwise direction.

The churning of the ocean of milk
Two teams are formed. One team represents the demigods, the other team represents the demons. A long, strong rope is the serpent Vasuki. A line is drawn at an equal distance between the two teams. Both teams pull on the rope in opposite directions with as much strength as possible. They are churning the ocean of milk. The team that succeeds in dragging the first person of the other team over the line wins. While pulling, both teams chant Hare Krishna very loudly.

Labyrinths and other things

Try to find Gopas claf

Back to Krishna

Find the way to Krishna’s garland

Gaura Nitai

Chaitanya’s outfit

Nityananda’s outfit

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